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Thanks for your interest in Hoop House Greenhouse Kits.

As the originators of hoop style greenhouse kits in America, we’ve made the dream of owning an affordable greenhouse a reality for thousands of gardeners. We can do the same for you.

More Growing Time
What would you do with an extra 3 to 4 months of growing time each year?
- Enjoy juicy, homegrown tomatoes in early summer and late fall?
- Produce colorful bedding plants for yourself or resale?
- Grow specialty greens year-round for farmers market sales?
- Add exotic, flavorful herbs to your kitchen menu?

You can do it all!

Easy, Inexpensive & Expandable
Whether growing for pleasure or profit, Hoop House Greenhouse Kits help you get started easily and inexpensively. Our kits cost a fraction of what glass houses do and can be put up in a weekend with common household tools.

And they are expandable to provide more space as you need it.

Protection from Weather and Predators
If you live where there are early or late frosts, winds or heavy rains, you’re in luck. Hoop Houses were made to protect tender plants the storms that cumulonimbus clouds inevitably bring. Our galvanized steel frame greenhouses were designed by engineers to shield your plants. Go for that blue ribbon or protect your cash flow by keeping your crops safe from Mother Nature’s tricks!

Tired of sharing your vegetables with rabbits and deer? Cover your tasty plants with a Hoop House and encourage the critter to dine elsewhere.

Unsure how much greenhouse space you’ll eventually need? A Hoop House is ideal for you. Add 4-foot sections as needed, next season or next year.

Think you might change your mind and want to move your greenhouse in the future? A Hoop House can be relocated to take advantage of crop rotations or to protect a fall garden. Try doing that with a glass house!

Is your property rolling, rather than absolutely flat? A Hoop House greenhouse is wonderfully flexible and can be sited on a gentle incline. And there’s no need to excavate a foundation.

Earn Extra Income
Looking for part time income? Consider Hoop House gardening.

Our growers tell us regularly that if they had it to do over again, they’d do things differently. They’d have started Hoop House gardening sooner!

A Winning Combination
Compare cost, ease of construction, versatility and future options - you’ll choose a genuine Hoop House Greenhouse Kit.


For questions and phone orders please call toll-free 1-800-760-5192

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